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Its a few decades into the future from present day two counties are on the verge of war one country has the highest deposits of the most vital and most expensive resource known to man and the other has the largest arsenal of military mite in the world. As a sign of good faith the president the first woman president of military country has arrived in the other country for diplomatic talks, all signs of the talks seemed to be going well and the signs of war had just about all had vanished, de-mobilisation of troop and Sam site deactivating all things started going back to normal, then the massive international accident occurred, some button pusher “accidently” pushed the wrong button and fired a rocket into the resource country hitting a highly populated area killing thousands too make things worse the woman president was on her last visit to the country and now she is missing feared dead. With the resource country claiming having no idea where the president is and grieving over the great loss of life war looks innumerate between the two.

The president coming from a law and justice and humanitarian background, she is seen as the speaker of the people, she believes that everything can resolved diplomatically and was looking at a alliance between the countries.

The vice president has always been seen as a sort of war lord coming from a military background and was one of the world greatest and most renowned commanding generals in recent times, he was the key figure and instrumental in making the world largest army, he has a mentality of shoot first ask questions later and the best way to get things done is with a smoking barrel but the president has kept him of a tight leash since she has been in office but now the opportunity has come for him to take the reigns.

In some built up suburb area somewhere in the military country a pair of hackers Ted and Matt have teamed up to break into some very strict very secret servers, they think its some database full of illegal porn or bank accounts, but stumble into something a lot more serious. At about three in the morning they breaking in, at first they are confused at what they see but then realised what they were looking at the true reason of why the two countries were going to war, everything is there they start to rip as much as they can thinking  they could sell it to the press as they are down loading they find they are being traced Ted wants to pull the plug but Matt wanted to rip one last file it was a video file. Ted pulls out the computer fearing they had been traced Matt gets angry at Ted but realises Ted was right. They go through the stuff a lot of it are a states charts and information, Matt finds the video file the quality is really bad and is breaking up its a lady they realise she is the president they are shocked they thought she was dead. She reveals that the war is a big government conspiracy going as high as the vice president. She was being back stab by her own government and all the events up to this moment have been so that they can invade the country and claim the resources for his own.

The hackers are shock, they make a copy of the info and decided to go to bed. A few days later Ted is at work at the local video store some men come into the shop wearing suit and tie and black shades not the usual customers he has one of them comes up to him and shows a badge and Ted is take into a black 4×4. Matt is at the local arcade one a high score run of his favourite game, the men in suits enter the venue Matt glances over and bolts out the back the men come after him on the run he call Ted, no answer, Matt does some cool parcor moves to evade the men jumps off a building and escapes into the metro he get home and starts to eras everything wiping all of his drives smashes his entire room, mum asks if every things ok and that there is a man at the door for him Matt gets the flash drive and puts it in a letter and sends it to his alias safety deposit box and puts the letter into his mums bag and so he is take away by the man, later that day his mum mails the letter with the rest of the mail.  Ted is in a cell his alone he is tired and has been interrogate all day not tell them what he knows one night a man enters the room it was the doctor with his meal and meds the doc leave Ted starts into his meal his starving as he eats something falls out of his sandwich it was a hearing aid  he quickly puts it in he hears a voice it tells him that he is on his side he works for the president and needs his and Matts help to get her back he gives him instructions and has place tolls in his room to help him escape he bust out of the complex at the same time so does Matt the were being told the same thing as they break out a car rocks up in front of them and they get in and race off into the night.

They notice that they headed for the airport the car stops at a private hanger they are told to get in the plane they are confused of what is going on but do so because everyone they saw had a gun on them. The plane takes off, the hackers ask where are they going they got no answer the plane come in to land, they are quickly shoved into another car and race off again the finally arrive at a run down old warehouse they get out the car races away its quiet no one is around, all of a sudden a spot light comes on and the voice comes from a speaker asking for their names they answer the spot light turns off and the warehouse door opens they walk towards it as they do a man comes out for inside and welcomes them happily he looks very pleased and asks them how was there trip and apologises for the events that have happened to them, they go inside and the door closes.

Ted and Matt follow the man in he tells them where they are they are in the resource country in a secret safe house as they enter the main room the find themselves surrounded by computers guns and most of all food, as they look around and eat they notice there is someone else in here to there amazement it was the president they are shocked as she comes up to them and introduces herself as she brushes down her suit and dress and asks the man if these are the two to get them home the man nods and he recommends that everyone one should get some sleep  they all agree.

The next morning the man reveals who he is and how the president came to be here, he is a double agent  and was activated when the rocket hit what they knew was when it hit the presidents guards where captured and she was taken away, when the agent rocked up he found that the president was being held in a complex guarded by non government forces and he found that these men were in fact mercs under orders form the vice president and so he presented himself as a official of the vice presidents office and gets into the complex and busts her out and have been hiding out ever since and been trying to find away to get her home but now they are run out on safe houses and have to leave immediately. Ted and Matt say what the can remember from the files, that the hole thing is being orchestrated from the vice president all he wants is that country for his own to take the rescores and if he does he could and more then likely would take over the world with that power, but he needs away to do this so he used the president, the rocket was purposely fired and so it looks like the country responded by taking the president but in fact they had no idea where the president was from the start and now are force into war because they cant give the president back.

So now they needed away to get the president back and with the information to prove the whole conspiracy and this is where the hackers come in, they need to make new identities for all of them passports credit cards the works they get to work. The hackers are working hard the president is changing into her new identity dressing as a man, the agent runs in he they must leave his found out from his source that the vice president knows where they are they pack up and leave headed towards the airport they come up to a check point they are asked if they have seen three men and a lady they deny seeing them they and so pass through. The men arrive at the warehouse it is empty they go through some of the computers and look for clues they trigger a bomb and the hole place goes up in flames.

The group arrive at the airport  they split up and blend in they run in to some difficulty at the terminal with the countries just about to go to war they find it hard to find a plane to the other country and the fake documents and papers are put to the test and with some more help with the hackers plugging into the airport servers they all get on the flight out at the same time the men find the identities of the group.

When the group arrive at the airport the general and the president are taken by security and hackers get away by the skin of their teeth, they go into hiding and argue if the should just run or go back and help the others out, they decide to help them out but first they need to get the flash dive, a sheer bit of luck they have come there way they find that his safety deposit box has been taken to the same place where the agent and president are being held and so they come up with a plan they copy what the agent did present them selves a the vice presidents officers and get in and they do they get the them and the deposit box, all they need now was a camera and a Internet connection as they are leaving the airport they find that all the doors are blocked by guards the cant get out and are spotted the make a run for it they go into the luggage area guards are closing in around them then a black 4×4 come racing in its one of the men, the hackers think they are done for but the agents smiles its his inside man they have no time to explain so they just get in  , they have every thing they need all they have to do is air it to the public and the hole conspiracy is revealed and Ted just knew where they could do it in the back of his video store he has set up a small studio and with a little bit of code they can put it on every screen in the world.

Matts mum is watching her favourite soap is on the TV starts to flick then goes black a lady is on the screen its the president she address the country in fact the world she says what she has endured over the last couple of weeks and the plot of the vice president and that he is to be arrested immediately and she picks up a computer and say at the push of this button all the information will be sent to every computer revealing every detail of the vice presidents plan and she presses it every computer screen is filled with states and graphs and history and videos.

The Presidential Palace the president is awarding medals to the men that saved her life and man more people from war Ted, Matt, and the two agents are praised as heros and become official advisers of the second term woman president, the vice president and other officials that were along side him were arrested and locked away and the two countries grow new bonds and now there boarders are open again to each other and are growing stronger together then ever before.

2009, Directed by James Cameron and
Starring Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana as Neytiri,
Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine, and Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch.

The movie open with a man in a confine that looks a lot like the Jake Sully character but find its his twin brother. The year is 2154 we have advance in technology and now can achieve interstellar travel, but we have done this at a loss the earths natural resources are running out and now we are journeying into space to harvest more resources, a mineral called unobtainium and have we have found a moon name Pandora rife with this rock. After six year in cryo sleep our anti-hero Jake Sully awakes in his pod as the shuttle lands on Pandora, he climbs out of his pod and into his wheel chair he has crippled legs he puts on his oxygen makes the air on Pandora is toxic to humans and so he leaves the shuttle for the barracks as he rolls over  you get to see the machines and hardware of the humans all metal and concert and dark, the super suits and the giant forest clearers.

As Jake rolls into the mess hall the Colonel is giving the new meat a pep talk that everything outside the walls of the base is hostile and introduces the Na’vi the indigenous humanoid alien race.

Jake is apart of the Avatar program taking over his dead brothers position, the Avatar program set up by a group of scientist and headed by Dr. Grace Augustine and its  purpose is to introduce the Na’vi to the humans so they can get to know each other and the scientist have a big interest in the network of the Na’vis tree and spiritual connection to their god Awar, but as of late the two race have been on the brink of war.

Jake becomes a hybrid Na’vi also known as Dream walkers and on his first mission he gets lost almost kill but is save by a local named Neytiri, some white seed thin lad all over him and so he is taken to the Home Tree the Na’vis home

He is introduced to the head of the clan and wishes to join them. This is apart of a plane that Jake has with the Colonel so they can gain intell one how to bring down this tree because it has the largest deposit of unobtainium beneath it, the Colone gives Jake 3 months to get the Na’vi out or they will bring the burn down upon them.

Jake gets more involved with the Na’vi like learning to hunt and fly Banchies and ride six legged horse things he grow to like them more and his bond with Awar and Neytiri grow stronger he becomes more conflicted between the two races.

He decides to save the Na’vi after his inner battle and trys to tell the Na’vi but is seen as a traitor and then is shut down by the Colonel and so the Home tree is destroyed the Na’vi leave are distort and leave for the Tree of Life the Na’vis spiritual mecca.

Jake is arrest but is busted out by Trudy and take the Avatar station into the Halloa Moutians, moutians that are flouting in the air. Jake gets plugged back in and figures out a way to get the trust back of the Na’vi  and save Grace from her gun shot wound he does this by Haloing the big red Banchie thing where only five Na’v have ever ridden and so proves he is a Na’vi and so they try to save Grace but she dies and joins Awar, after that the mass a great army to fight against the humans but find out the humans are coming to finish the job off and destroy the Tree of Life with a massive bomb and so the decide to fight them in the Halloa Mountains.

A big battle happens a lot of humans and Na’vi die Jake stops the bomb from blowing up the Tree of Life an has a duel with the Colonel but just about dies but is save by Neytiri.

In the last scenes the humans are being sent home and in the final scene Jake is plugged into the Tree of Life and is full removed from his human body into his Na’vi body and the movie end with Jake open his eyes of his Na’vi eyes.

1958, A Jidai-geki film, Directed by Akira Kurosawa and
Starring Toshirō Mifune as General Rokurota Makabe, Misa Uehara as Princess Yuki,
Minoru Chiaki as Tahei and Kamatari Fujiwara as Matashichi.

Two boardering lands are at war, one has been defeated and the boarders have been lock down by the victorious army. The film begins with two ugly scruffy peasants, Tahei and Matashichi, walking along a dusty track trying to make their way home too a third boardering country, allies with the defeated country, they witness a soldier being slayed by a cavalry of horseman. Matashichi take the fallen worriers armour Tahei didn’t like this so leaves, Matashichi dressed in his armour is captured by the enemy and Tahei is captured at the boarder. They are taken into slave camps and are ordered to work in a mine and dig for their lives to find the fortune of the fallen kingdom, Matashichi and Tahei are reunited. The slaves are pushed to their limit and a massive riot breaks, absolute chaos erupts, in all the confusion Matashichi and Tahei find themselves alone and run away. Lost in the wilderness they make camp and make fire but find something odd about a log and break it and inside they find gold, they fight over it but eventually decide to find more and the do. On one night of the searching they have an encounter with a stranger and later on he comes to their camp they talk and both find that each hold the answer to the others problem the stranger knows where the gold is and the peasants know away to get home and so Tahei and Matashichi follow the stranger to where he says is the gold and so they come to the hidden fortress the a secret outpost on the boarder of the hostile countries, the stranger puts the two to work to find the gold digging a massive hole but they grow tired name start to notice  things about this stranger and then Matashichi recognises him the stranger is General Rokurota Makabe and this gets them worried and then on one day at the drinking hole the peasants see a young beautiful lady. The two go to the General and so the general is forced to reveal his plane telling that the lady is a princess and shes mute, but she isn’t mute at all a little secret between the general and the princess and the real hiding stop of the gold. The group learn that the enemy has found out about the hidden fortress so they have to leave and Tahei and Matashichi’s plan is acted upon and so they move into the enemy homeland with their load of gold hidden as logs with three horses, in their journeys the peasants greed comes to strong and try to steal the gold but either come running back with an army close behind or get set straight by the General. They spend a night in a market town in hoping of getting a few more horses but the princess witness a girl badly treated in a tavern she convinces the general to buy her the following day they leave the town the two peasants the general the princess the girl and a wagon no horses as they are travelling they are asked by a patrol if the had seen a group of four with three horses, they deny seeing them, but the patrol comes back and so the general has to fight them and chase the horsemen he kills them all but gets stuck in a enemy troop camp and comes face to face with the enemy general, the two generals know each other but its not revealed what history they have had before.The two have a duel a slow duel of strategy, technique and strength. General Rokurota wins and so is let free.

He returns to the group and they join a caravan of carts its caravan is headed to a celebration of fire so they blend in with the crowd, at the celebration they are forced to push the cart into the fire  the group is shatter but the princess enjoys the night. The morning after they gather the melted pieces of gold and hurry off the peasants go back to try and get more but a pair of soldiers come after them the general captures them and uses them to carry the gold they have to hurry a massive army is after them getting so close they can see them through the trees they eventually get stuck in an open clearing the two solders leg it the servant girl tries to make a diversion but is wounded so the general the princess and the girl run for it and leave the gold the two peasants hide in some bushes after they are passed by the soldiers the go for the gold but court and taken to an enemy outpost the troops let them go into the homeland they disappear down a dusty track. The princes the general and the girl almost make it the safety insight but are circled by the enemy and are captured they are taken to the outpost at the camp the princess sings the song that was song at the celebration the enemy general hears her and you can see in his eyes that something about his has changed.
The following day they are being transported back to the enemies head quarters as they travel and get to an outpost the enemy general is sing the song the princess was singing and then you could see he was going to do something he commands the horses with the gold to be turned around and then he scares them off into the safe land he fights off his own soldiers as the captives escape and after his face off with his troops he rides off with them.They come to a hill and look over the valley and see the horses racing off.
As like the start of the film we find the two peasants walking along a track and they are discussing to each other about that no matter what, they will be friends always. They talked to each other they hear horses and the horses with the gold rock up, they gather the horses as the do a patrol of horse men come up to them and are confused with the sight of peasants with so much gold and so are taken. In the final scenes the two peasant are in front of three very elegant figures they are the two generals and the princess, they tell the peasants of how honoured they are for their duty and tell them that they hope to use to rebuild the princess’s military to one day retake her land and rebuild her realm and give the two one gift and are realised as they leave Tahei offers the gift to Matashichi but Matashichi declines.